Twitter announces global launch of fleets, audio spaces and more coming soon

Twitter announces global launch of fleets, audio spaces and more coming soon

Twitter is rolling out Fleets globally, after initially testing the feature in India, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea. Twitter did not share any numbers for use of the feature, but Joshua Harris, Twitter Design Director, said at a virtual press conference that Fleets have been helpful in making people more comfortable on the platform. “We have seen that Fleets helped people feel more comfortable by sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.” In addition to the launch of Fleets, Twitter also discussed Audio Spaces, an upcoming feature that will be tested with a limited set of users, allowing them to hold discussions in a public but intimate setting where they can control who can do it. take part.

“A lot of people don’t tweet. With retweets and replies, tweeting feels like a burden. People stalk, they compose tweets and then they don’t send them, ”Harris said. “Fleets Create a less-pressure way to join the conversation. It will make people more comfortable joining the conversation, because it is only for one day and it won’t last forever. We’ve also seen more people join the conversations on Twitter and we’ve seen people new to Twitter feel more comfortable. ”

Fleets launched in India in June and while Twitter says he sees more people interacting with the platform, anecdotally at least, we’ve seen use of the feature decrease in the meantime. While the feature is short-lived and displayed in a separate feed at the top of the timeline Twitter refers to as Fleetline, there is nothing stopping others from taking screenshots of their fleets, and users or they even get notifications. You also can’t control who can see your fleets; These are features that Harris said the company is considering, but in the more immediate roadmap, Twitter will add stickers, more creation tools and live streaming, he said.

In addition to Fleets, Twitter also showed a glimpse of an upcoming feature it calls Audio Spaces, which is a voice chat room. Maya Patterson, product designer at Twitter, explained that the new feature is intended to create a safe space for intimate conversations in public.

Twitter audio spaces will be rolled out for selected users first
Photo credit: Twitter

“Voice tweets allow people to share their thoughts, but we envisioned a live audio space to communicate with another person or with small groups,” said Patterson. “A space that feels very safe and intimate. We have used the metaphor of a well-organized dinner. You don’t have to meet everyone at the party to have a good time, but everyone should feel comfortable sitting around the table. ”

“Security is critical and we need to get it right to get people to take advantage of live audio slots, so we’re going to launch this first experiment on a very small group of people, who are disproportionately affected by damage to the platform: women and people from marginalized communities, and the team is interested and the company is interested in hearing first from this group of people their comments on the audio spaces, ”he added.

However, the feature will not just be a voice chat room; According to Patterson, users will be able to add tweets and view transcripts in these spaces, so that it can be used in a variety of ways.

Audio spaces will be deployed to selected groups first for testing and feedback before further deployment. Patterson also said the company is testing voice direct messages, adding that voice tweets and all media will soon receive transcripts to improve accessibility on Twitter.

The team also said that the voice tweets feature is coming to Android, but did not share any further details except to say that they are working hard to make that happen.

These new features are part of Twitter’s attempts to make the platform more accessible to new users, although a more cynical view would be that the company is trying to catch up with others. The stories feature has been a feature of almost every platform so far, including LinkedIn! – and voice chat rooms have also increased in number since launch of Club House.


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