Twitter will end the launch of delayed fleets today

Twitter will end the launch of delayed fleets today

Twitter has resolved most of the performance issues with its new short-lived “fleets” product and expects to complete the global launch on Friday, the company’s chief product officer said in live video on Thursday.

“During the first 24 hours, we ran into some charging performance issues,” he said. Twitter Product Manager Kayvon Beykpour.

“Since then, we have encountered most of the issues that concerned us in terms of slowing down the launch … we hope that certainly, in the next 24 hours, almost everyone will have it,” he said.

Beykpour also acknowledged the privacy and security concerns some early adopters fleets, or tweets that automatically disappear after 24 hours, but they said those issues will mostly be addressed in later updates.

Twitter initially started throwing fleets on Tuesday, having tested it in a handful of countries, but then slowed the rollout to fix performance and stability issues.

Critics said the tool created troubling opportunities for online harassment, such as allowing unwanted direct messages, that would be more difficult to address with a short-lived product. It also allows fleet authors to tag people who have blocked them.

Beykpour said that Twitter would remove the links from those tags the next day to address the blocking concerns, but that it would take longer to find “better solutions” for the other problems.

“I can’t promise it will be a quick fix overnight, but we are absolutely thinking about it,” he said.


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