Twitter’s fleet rollout slowed globally to fix stability issues

Twitter’s fleet rollout slowed globally to fix stability issues

Twitter will slow down the launch of tweets that disappear after 24 hours, a day after it launched the feature worldwide, to fix performance and stability issues, the company’s support team said in a tweet Wednesday.

“If you don’t have the feature yet, you may not get it for a few more days,” the support team said.

Fleets, which include text, photos, and videos, will be available at the top of users’ home timelines in Twitter and in the sender’s profile.

Twitter launched these short-lived tweets, dubbed “fleets,” on Tuesday after having I tried the feature in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea. Twitter did not share any usage numbers for the feature, but the social media platform’s design director Joshua Harris told a virtual press conference that Fleets have been helpful in making people feel more comfortable on the platform. .

“A lot of people don’t tweet. With retweets and replies, tweeting feels like a burden. People talk, they compose tweets and then they don’t send them, ”Harris said. “Fleets create a lower pressure way to join the conversation. It will make people feel more comfortable joining the conversation because it’s only for one day and it won’t last forever. We’ve also seen more people join conversations on Twitter, and we’ve seen people new to Twitter feel more comfortable. ”

Fleets thrown out in India in June and although Twitter says it sees more people interacting with the platform, at least anecdotally, we have seen the use of the function decrease in the meantime.


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