Updated GoPro Quik App with Video Editing Tools

Updated GoPro Quik App with Video Editing Tools

GoPro Quik has been relaunched with various editing tools and features like the Wall feed. In addition to controlling GoPro cameras, the updated application will now allow its users to organize images and videos even if they are not taken by a GoPro camera. Other features include automatic video creation, new original GoPro music, exclusive GoPro filters, and direct sharing of photos and videos on social media platforms. GoPro also announced that it will offer unlimited cloud storage later this year.

GoPro Quik App Subscription Costs

GoPro Quik is a free downloadable application and will be available for trial use. Those who want to access the app’s features fully can subscribe for Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 499 per year. The subscription will include unlimited cloud backup for imported photos and videos in their original quality. This capability will launch later this year.

Existing Gopro App users will see their app updated upon installation. Photos and videos of existing users will be transferred from the old GoPro app to the new Quik app upon installation and any cloud-based footage will remain accessible. The Quik application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

GoPro Quik Features

The most prominent feature that the GoPro Quik app offers is the Mural feed. It is a private source within the application that allows users to keep their favorite images and videos in one place for convenient sharing. Users can add photos and videos to the Mural feed even if they were not taken with a GoPro camera. In other words, the Quik app can be used with any normal smartphone.

If a user shares multiple photos or videos at once with Quik, the files will be grouped together as an ‘event’ and the app will compile them to make a short video with music. This video can be edited according to the user’s choice. Speaking of editing, the updated app now features a set of powerful tools for adjusting exposure, contrast, color, vibrancy, multi-clip video editing, adding text, stickers, and more.

Other features of the Quik app include a GoPro Original New Music list featuring company-selected royalty-free tracks that can be used in videos. There is a new video speed tool that allows users to add freeze frames and super slow motion segments at various points within a single video clip. There are new filters, video editing themes, and the frame capture feature to extract still image photos from videos.


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