US Department of Commerce Canceled TikTok Ban: Report

US Department of Commerce Canceled TikTok Ban: Report

The US government has decided not to enforce its ban on Chinese-owned social media sensation TikTok to comply with a federal court ruling issued in the national security case, a media report said Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal reported The US Department of Commerce had decided to postpone the application of a Triumph administrative order to ban video sharing app owned by ByteDance.

The move comes after a Pennsylvania federal court blocked the Trump administration from carrying out the ban, which had been ordered by the White House based on claims the app posed a security threat due to ties to the company with Beijing.

According to the report, the Commerce Department said the closure order will not go into effect “pending further legal developments.”

Other court cases are also pending on the matter.

ByteDance had been given until Thursday to restructure ownership of the app in the United States to meet national security concerns, but this week it filed a petition in a Washington court asking for a delay.

The company said in a statement Tuesday that it had asked the government for a 30-day extension due to “continuing new requests and unclear whether our proposed solutions would be accepted,” but it was not granted.

The Trump administration has been seeking to transfer ownership of Tik Tok to a US company to allay security concerns, but no deal has been reached.


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