Vi emerged as the fastest 4G operator in India, followed by Airtel, Jio: Ookla

Vi emerged as the fastest 4G operator in India, followed by Airtel, Jio: Ookla

Vi (formerly known as Vodafone Idea) emerged as the fastest mobile operator over 4G in India in the third quarter of this year, while Jio led the 4G availability list among major service providers, according to a report by the firm of Ookla network analysis. According to the report, data speeds vary among the largest cities in the country, with Hyderabad found to have the fastest download experience over mobile networks in Q3. Ookla noted that average download speeds through mobile networks in the country saw a year-on-year increase of 11.6 percent.

According to the report published by Ookla, Saw saw an average download speed of 13.74 Mbps and an average upload speed of 6.19 Mbps in the third quarter. Airtel followed Vi with an average download speed of 13.58 Mbps and an average upload speed of 4.15 Mbps. Jio it ranked third with download speeds of 9.71Mbps and upload speeds of 3.41Mbps on average in the third quarter.

Operator Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps)
vi 13.74 6.19
Airtel 13.58 4.15
Jio 9.71 3.41

In terms of regional performance, the Ookla The report stated that mobile download speeds vary among the largest cities in India during the third quarter. Hyderabad led that race with an average download speed over mobile networks at 14.35 percent, followed closely by Mumbai at 13.55 Mbps and Visakhapatnam at 13.40 Mbps. Delhi ranked sixth on the list of Indian cities offering the best speeds. download, with an average speed of 13.04 Mbps.

Hyderabad had the fastest average mobile download speed in Q3, followed by Mumbai
Photo credit: Ookla

Based on data acquired from the Speedtest app on Android, Ookla mentioned that India led 4G availability among the largest countries in South Asia during the third quarter with 94.7 percent of tested locations showing 4G available. Bangladesh and Pakistan followed India with a 4G availability rate of 78.6 and 72.9 percent, respectively.

India’s growth is largely due to Jio, which led 4G availability by 99.7 percent during the third quarter. Airtel followed with 4G available in 98.7 percent of locations tested during the same period, while Vi India ranked third with 91.1 percent.

Operator 4G availability
Jio 99.7 percent
Airtel 98.7 percent
vi 91.1 percent

Despite leading on the 4G availability front, India lagged behind Pakistan in the share of average download speeds over mobile networks in the third quarter, according to Ookla. Pakistan had download speeds 39.7 percent faster than India, while Bangladesh was third in download speed and second in upload speed. This means that the average upload speed in India was even lower than that provided in Bangladesh, at a speed of 4.18Mbps.

However, average download speeds over mobile networks improved in India between the last third quarter and this year. Pakistan, however, saw a 24.1 percent increase in its download speeds during the same period, according to the report.

“Loading speeds were virtually unchanged in the largest South Asian countries, with only Pakistan showing slight improvement year-over-year,” Ookla said.

India in position 131 in Ookla’s Global Speedtest Index for Mobile Internet Speeds in the month of September with an average mobile download speed of 12.07 Mbps. The country’s neighbors were above it on the list, with China in second place, Sri Lanka at 102nd and even Pakistan at 116th and Nepal at 117th.


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