Watch Dogs: Legion 558GB of allegedly leaked source code

Watch Dogs: Legion 558GB of allegedly leaked source code

Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft’s latest entry in the Watch Dogs ‘hack the world’ franchise, has been hacked. The game’s source code was allegedly leaked by a ransomware group called Egregor, however it is unclear exactly what data has been leaked. According to the report, Ubisoft is aware of the hacker’s claims and is investigating the leak. Additionally, the ransomware group also claims to have breached the security of another video game developer – Crytek. It is also unclear what Egregor’s demands are.

It started with a data breach in Ubisoft and Crytek by Egregor in October, according to a report by ZDNet. At the time, the hackers claimed that they published the Watch Dogs: Legion related data on their dark web portal. They also leaked 20MB of Ubisoft data and 300MB of Crytek data. Egregor reportedly asked Ubisoft to contact them at the time of the breach, but it appears that the company did not respond. “In case Ubisoft does not contact us, we will start releasing the source code for the next Watch Dogs and their engine,” the hackers said.

Now a new report Rock Paper Shotgun states that the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion  has been leaked and includes 558GB of data on file-sharing sites. Egregor scoffed at Ubisoft’s security, saying: “We found open source source codes on the mainnet. Passwords in doc files without any protection, all data and personal information of employees and developers, contracts, game engines and much more. ”

The report also mentions that Ubisoft gave a statement acknowledging the ransomware group’s claim and that it is investigating a “possible data security incident.”

Watch Dogs: Legion launched last week and this data breach comes at a critical time for developers who will have to do everything they can to plug the leak. It is unclear if Ubisoft has contacted Egregor or if the leaked data is still accessible. Furthermore, there is no information on whether Crytek has been able to resolve the case of this data breach, as Egregor had reportedly encrypted the company’s files.


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