Watch the first trailer for Chaos Walking, releasing in January 2021

Watch the first trailer for Chaos Walking, releasing in January 2021

The trailer for Chaos Walking has appeared, suggesting that the film will actually be released. Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman’s next sci-fi adventure, starring Daisy Ridley (Rey in Star Wars) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man in the MCU), has been in development since 2011 and was stuck in production since August 2017, but is now got a first trailer. This is the closest we’ve come to seeing Chaos Walking on screen. Based on the first book “The Knife of Never Letting Go” in the Chaos Walking trilogy, the trailer establishes the premise of the film: a world without women, before Ridley literally crashes on the planet.

Viola Eade (Ridley) somehow survives the rubble and then runs into Todd Hewitt (Holland) who has been inspecting the crash site. Their encounter reveals the science fiction nature of Chaos Walking. Although Hewitt doesn’t actually say anything, the translucent flashes around his head apparently reveal his inner thoughts, including the fact that he’s never seen a girl before. Eade is shocked and then complains about how strong he is. A voiceover from Mads Mikkelsen explains that it is called “Noise” and that it happened to every man on the planet, bringing out every thought in his head.

A natural question follows from Ridley’s character: “Where are all the women?” Mayor David Prentiss (Mikkelsen) responds that they are dead. The Chaos Walking trailer then introduces other characters, including the mayor’s son Davy (Nick Jonas), who tells Hewitt to look at his Noise, and their interaction reveals that Holland’s character has some sort of mind control powers. . Later, Eade and Hewitt run away because someone wants to kidnap her. The Chaos Walking trailer also reveals how Noise can give you away in a fight, with Hewitt’s audible thoughts drawing the enemy.

Liman joined Chaos Walking in mid-2016, with Ridley (a fan of the books) and Holland starring in the following months. Several more additions were made to the cast as Liman prepared to film Chaos Walking, with the main production taking place from August to November 2017. But after poor test screenings it was deemed “inalienable, ”Lionsgate ordered new shoots for $ 15 million, with Fede Álvarez (Don’t Breathe) involved as director as well. But due to Ridley and Holland’s respective commitments, the new filming could only take place in April 2019.

Lionsgate would hope that Chaos Walking can get all that money back and earn enough to be able to green-light adaptations of the other two books.

Chaos Walking is scheduled to release on January 22, 2021, but the trailer simply says “coming soon.” That makes sense given that COVID-19 has been playing ball with movie release dates.


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