What is com.android.server.telecom? How to Fix It?

Code service Com.android.server.telecom is connected to the Android telecom server. It is used to communicate with the server. However, what does com.android.server.telecom stands for? To what extent does it factor into Android handsets? In this post, we will learn everything there is to know about it. Stay with us here till the end.

What is com.android.server.telecom?

The code service com.android.server.telecom is responsible for sending and receiving calls on Android smartphones. It’s how you use your Android smartphone to make, end, and manage conversations, including VoIP and SIM-based voice and video calls.

When a call is made on an Android phone, the com.android.server.telecom application utilizes the Android framework and the SimCard module to create the connection.

While calling, com.android.server.telecom acts as a middle-tier between the OS system and Com.Samsung. Android.Incallui is in charge of the choices that appear on your phone dialer while you’re on the phone.

To summarise, com.android.server.telecom is an Android service responsible for managing SimCard and VoIP conversations.

com.android.server.telecom’s operations

The following are some of the most prevalent Android phone scenarios in which this service is useful:

  1. On Android, com.android.server.telecom is used for in-call tasks such as aborting, merging calls, recording a call, and so on. Because of this service, the display on your screen when you are on a call also functions.
  2. The com.android.server.telecom service also keeps track of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls that are shown. It gathers information such as the caller’s name and phone number from your Android phone and SimCard, as well as past data.
  3. Call redirections, such as call diverts, are likewise handled by the com.android.server.telecom function.
  4. This service is also in control of showing the caller’s name on your phone’s screen and the Cancel and Answer buttons.
  5. This service also keeps track of all the participants in a conference call and makes it happen by combining many voices.

How to Fix com.android.server.telecom has stopped Error?

The error com.android.server.telecom has ceased fairly prevalent in Android devices when trying to access the Phone app or make a call. This occurs when the telecom server service on your Android phone is not functioning correctly. There might be a number of reasons for this, but the most prevalent is a technical issue or a Cache mistake. Whatever the case may be, use the tried-and-true methods listed below to solve it.

Clear Cache

  1. Open your Android phone Settings.
  2. Go to Apps or App Manager.
  3. Toggle the Show System Apps button from the pop-up choices by tapping the three vertical lines next to “your apps,” then click OK.
  4. Find the com.sec.phone from the list of apps and tap on it.
  5. Now, tap on Storage and then on Clear Cache.

After you’ve completed the instructions above, restart your phone to see if the problem remains.

Clear Data of the Phone app

  1. Go to Apps or App Manager under Settings.
  2. Toggle the Show System Apps button by tapping three vertical lines next to “your apps.”
  3. From the list of applications, select the Phone app and press it.
  4. Select the Storage option.
  5. Now, tap on Clear Cache, followed by Clear Data. Keep in mind that this will wipe your whole call history, including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

After that, restart your device to see whether the problem still exists.

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Can I Uninstall com.android.server.telecom from my android device?

No, com.android.server.telecom cannot be uninstalled or removed from your Android device. Because it is a built-in service, it cannot be removed without root access. However, if you uninstall it, you won’t be able to make or receive SimCard or VoIP calls.

That concludes our discussion on com.android.server.telecom. We hope that this article has clarified what it is. If you like our article then please share it with your friends

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