WhatsApp actively creates vacation mode for archived chats, suggests new beta version

WhatsApp actively creates vacation mode for archived chats, suggests new beta version

WhatsApp is actively working on a ‘Vacation Mode’ feature to give users the ability to keep the chat archived even when a new message arrives. Currently, WhatsApp unarchives chats when a new message arrives, and the vacation mode seeks to prevent that from happening. The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android sees improvements in this feature of Vacation Mode and suggests that WhatsApp is actively developing it, including the user interface settings in the Archived Chats section. The feature is still in development and has not yet been enabled for public beta testing.

The instant messaging platform has launched the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.20.206.2 and WhatsApp watchers WABetaInfo dug up in your code to see all the new features WhatsApp may be working on. The feature tracker found that WhatsApp is busy developing the Vacation Mode feature. This new addition, as mentioned, allows users to keep conversations in the archive when new messages arrive. In the latest beta updates, WhatsApp prevented muted archived chats from being automatically unarchived when new messages arrived, but this new beta version suggests that WhatsApp users don’t need to mute chats to keep them archived.

Some interface changes were also noted, for example “Archived Chats” can be moved to the top of your chat list once vacation mode is enabled for better visibility. In this update, WhatsApp is also working to introduce the feature ‘Archived chats with a new banner that says:’ Move chats you want to keep muted here ‘by adding,’ Chats with new messages will not return to the main chat list. This suggests that the behavior of the archived chats feature will change for all archived chats. For now, the tracker says that these new settings have not been enabled for users, even in the latest beta.


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