WhatsApp web dark mode: how to enable dark theme on WhatsApp web in two steps

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode is now officially supported and there is a super simple way to enable it. If you use WhatsApp Web, it probably means that you are using the service on a laptop or desktop, or perhaps an iPad. On all these devices, WhatsApp Web’s dark mode could bring much-needed relief to your eyes. Previously, we shared a simple way to enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web via Inspect Item on most desktop browsers. Now that WhatsApp Web’s dark mode is officially supported, you no longer need to. If you want a dark theme on WhatsApp Web, keep reading this simple guide.

WhatsApp web dark mode: how to enable

WhatsApp Web It doesn’t officially support dark mode, but there are two ways to easily enable it. You can enable it by using the Inspect Element option in your browser or by installing an extension. This is what you should do.

  1. To go WhatsApp Web on your computer and log in via the QR code. To do this, open WhatsApp on your Android phone> tap the three dots icon in the upper right > Settings > WhatsApp Web. On iPhone, open WhatsApp> Settings > WhatsApp Web. Now scan the code on your computer screen and login.
  2. Click on the three dots icon at the top of the recent chats list> Settings > Topic.

  3. Now select Dark and click OK.

  4. That’s it, now open WhatsApp Web and enjoy dark mode.

Do you prefer the dark mode of WhatsApp Web or do you like the light theme better? Let us know through the comments.

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