WhiteHat Jr Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Critic Pradeep Poonia: Report

WhiteHat Jr Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Critic Pradeep Poonia: Report

WhiteHat Jr has filed a lawsuit against its biggest critic, IIT alumnus Pradeep Poonia, alleging trademark and copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation, mischief and torts for inducing breach of contract. This comes after Poonia released a series of tweets earlier this month, sharing the company’s internal Slack chats. Poonia, in turn, has spoken of being harassed by the company, saying that the videos and posts it would post to show people that WhiteHat Jr was not providing quality education to its students are often subject to takedown notices and copyright claims. In her tweets, Poonia also talked about WhiteHat Jr teachers not having enough knowledge to program kids in tech, something the company has refuted, and is now reportedly asking for $ 2.6 million (roughly Rs. 192,836,700) in damages.

the lawsuit, accessed by TechCrunch, states that Poonia began posting posts on WhiteHat Jr from September of this year. The defendant first blamed the company for “murdering” Wolf Gupta, its advertising model. Gupta was painted as a successful kid who landed a job at Google in one of the previous ads posted by WhiteHat Jr. The company responded to these claims by asking social media platforms to remove these posts.

However, the lawsuit claims that the defendant later posted private Slack chats of WhiteHat Jr employees on social media. He is also accused of putting company communications with parents into the public domain and live streaming confidential WhiteHat Jr content on YouTube. These lazy talks, posted on Twitter by Poonia, shows WhiteHat Jr employees speaking in loose language about women being interviewed for potential teaching jobs, and even a VP of Marketing, Nikhil Mittal, instructing employees to report tweets. dissidents from personal accounts.

In the lawsuit, Poonia is also accused of engaging in fraud tactics such as enrolling in trial classes, recording videos without the teacher’s consent or knowledge, and posting them on a public platform. Poonia is also blamed for teaching a minor to ask various questions about technology that “have little or nothing to do with coding” and “simply aim to humiliate and harass teachers.”

The report claims that WhiteHat Jr is asking for $ 2.6 million (roughly Rs. 192,836,700) in damages from Poonia. The company was recently acquired by BYJU and claims to have 11,000 teachers on board. 


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