Xbox Series S / X Pre-Orders In India Sold Out Instantly: Xbox Boss

Xbox Series S / X Pre-Orders In India Sold Out Instantly: Xbox Boss

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series S / X in India were instantly sold out, Microsoft’s executive vice president of gaming Phil Spencer said on a weekly talk show. The Redmond company began taking pre-orders for Xbox Series S / X in the country starting on September 22. The pre-orders were launched through channels including Amazon, Flipkart, and Reliance Digital. Microsoft also announced that the next generation Xbox family will arrive in India on November 10. By contrast, Sony has yet to provide details on the release of its newly announced PlayStation 5 which comes in both digital and disc versions.

“We had our pre-order in India and it sold out instantly,” Spencer said in the interview for the Dropped Frames talk show. “We have hardly ever sold consoles in markets like that before.”

India is not a high volume market for game consoles. However, Spencer’s comments suggest that Microsoft considers the country among the potential markets for its Xbox Series S / X.

Spencer also noted that Microsoft was able to pre-order more new models of the Xbox series in Japan than it sold in the entire year.

Although Spencer did not provide any specific numbers, he mentioned that “more and more” orders are coming in from pre-orders started for Xbox Series S / X globally last month.

Microsoft isn’t the only company facing pre-order difficulties for its next-gen consoles. In fact, rival Sony faces a rather difficult time for Playstation 5 and PlayStation 5 digital edition available in markets like India. The Japanese company initially planned to bring the new PlayStation models to the Indian market on November 19, although later written on that date from their website.

Xbox Series X it is available at Rs. 49,990 and comes with a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive, while the Xbox Series S ships as a discless all-digital console priced at Rs. 34,990.


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