YouTube app update brings 8K streaming to some Android 10 TVs

YouTube will allow some users to stream in 8K after a new Android TV app update, according to a report. Not only do you need the latest version of the app, but you also need to be running Android 10 on the TV to be eligible, according to the changelog. Previously, even if you selected 8K content, you would be limited to 4K streaming on Android TV. The update, which is reportedly rolling out now for some users, will remove this limitation.

Update version 2.12.08 will add 8K support to Youtube application for Android TV version 10 and higher, and it was the first reported by Android Police. There also appear to be two versions of the changelog. While the initial release mentioned 8K video playback support, the updated changelog changed it to “Limited 8K support for Android 10 and later,” according to the report.

You can upgrade to YouTube for Android TV version 2.12.08 to see if the feature is available to you. However, as the changelog mentions, it will offer limited 8K support. The update will also not be available to everyone immediately. You can check if you have the latest version of the YouTube app at Google playor get the update from Mirror APK. If you don’t have an 8K Android TV, you can still try to make use of the upgrade by downscaling.

The initial changelog, according to the report, said that there would be HDR support in streams with the av1 codec, but it has been superseded by Cast Connect support in the revised changelog. This will integrate streamed content on Android TVs with playback controls such as remote control, an improved screen resolution selection menu, and more, giving users more control to watch content on YouTube.


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