YouTube Music allows you to hide your videos you like from YouTube

YouTube Music allows you to hide your videos you like from YouTube

YouTube Music now allows you to hide music videos that you liked on YouTube. If you enable this option in the YouTube Music settings menu, music videos that have been liked on YouTube will no longer appear on YouTube Music. However, this doesn’t work both ways – songs that you liked on YouTube Music will continue to appear on the YouTube video platform. YouTube Music has received several new features in recent months as it replaces Google Play Music.

As pointed out by one Reddit user, the like switch Youtube The videos seem to have started to be distributed to users around the world in Youtube Music. The toggle is on by default. If you don’t want thumbs-up music videos in YouTube main app to appear in YouTube Music, you can manually select settings. This is a useful feature, as YouTube recognizes videos as music sometimes, when they are not.

A report from Android Police noted that song recommendations and music history still seem to be bleeding from YouTube Music to YouTube. Music history, according to the report, seems to be showing up on YouTube, especially when using YouTube Music. Android TV application or when you ask Google Assistant to start a playlist.

With Google Play Music to turn off, Google is being implemented frequently updates for YouTube Music. This particular update could help users compartmentalize between YouTube and YouTube Music. Although it can be useful to have the two linked, YouTube often mistakes other videos for music videos and adds them to the category of songs I like on YouTube Music.

To change the music settings you like, click Settings on YouTube Music. This will automatically open to general settings, where you will see a button “Show the music you like from YouTube”. You can enable / disable it according to your preferences.


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